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Blue Remembered Hills               


Veryan Players Autumn’s production is a Dennis Potter 1970’s TV Play which he adapted for stage. Conceived as the events of one summer afternoon in 1943, Dennis Potter's affectionate study captures all the joy, horror, anxiety and delight of children at play.

Semi-autobiographical in nature, Blue Remembered Hills is set in a West Country forest similar to the one near which Potter himself grew up.

Potter did insist on one thing - that all the parts should be played by adults. Adults are seldom encouraged to behave childishly, but the actors in this piece by Dennis Potter are positively encouraged not to act their age but to take on 7 year old personalities.

The story is a simple one, but it should spark into life a hundred similar memories of our own youth.

The year may be 1943 and the setting the West Country, but the themes are timeless and universal. Potter demonstrates that human behaviour is the same no matter what age the participants are. The bullying, taking sides, picking on outsiders and make-believe of childhood games are merely played out on a bigger scale and long trousers as adults.

It's a hot summer's day and seven children play, laugh, sing and cry somewhere in the woods just before tea-time. In a whirl of constant activity, their lives are brim-full of joy and horror, anxiety and delight.

The play will be performed on the 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th November 2017 at Veryan Parish Hall. Tickets will be available from the beginning of November from Veryan and Portloe General Stores or by email: or Tel. 01872 501383


It's not the Election

Bored with elections? Why not come to a play reading for our Autumn prouction? If you like theatre but don't want to go on the stage then taking part in reading a play with others is for you.
The Director of "Blue Remebered Hills" wants anyone, whether a member of Veryan Players or not, to come along and take part in a reading of the play. It's NOT an audition, it's FREE and it will be fun.
"Blur Remebered Hills" by Dennis Potter is a deseptively simple tale that relates the activities of seven english children, played by adults, on a summer afternoon during World War II. In a wood, a field and a barn, they play, fight, fantasise and swagger.
Who knows, you might find that reliving being a seven-year-old inspires you to become part of the production, whether on stage or behind the scenes might just want to go home and wait up for the results!
The play reading will take place at Hillside in Veryan village (by the New Inn) on Thursday June 8th at 7.0pm. If you want to come along and take part or are just interested in being part of Veryan Players then email Graham Webb on or give him a call on 01872 501815.
All are Welcome.


Pre Theatre Suppers can be arranged by contacting the New Inn, Veryan direct on 01872 501362.

Veryan Players are an amateur dramatic group who perform a range of productions ranging from serious to farce. The only thing we don't do is Pantomime, we leave that to our friends at St. Mawes and Tregony. We usually perform three plays a year. We are always looking for new acting members (Particularly 18 to 40) and anyone else who wants to be involved in local theatre.


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